Japans Cosplay Competition

Cosplaying is such a huge part of Japan and it’s pop culture and they definitely are amazing at it but it’s also taking over western countries and they might have some competition!

If you’ve never cosplayed before and gone to a convention, I highly recommend it. There is just something magical about dressing up as a favourite character and acting like them for the day, it definitely feels amazing.

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Japan · Makeup

Kawaii Makeup Culture

Firstly, in case you are not familiar with the Japanese word ‘Kawaii’, it translates to ‘Cute’ and ‘Adorable’ and is a growing trend not just in Japan but also western countries especially due to the introduction of cute animes like Sailor Moon.

Personally, I am in love with the style that has been adopted by English counties and I hope you will too after seeing these amazing makeup looks.

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Fashion · Japan

The Art of Japanese Street Fashion

You can’t deny that Tokyo, Japan has the most artistic street fashion in the world and possibly the craziest, and it’s no wonder many travel to this country just to experience it.

The Japanese have many different types of street fashion, but I’m just going to cover 3 of the main street trends of Tokyo.

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